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Damn, I Ai'nt No Ordinary nigga,/
Look around this ain't what ordinary get ya/
It aint, Extraordinary figures, (figures)/
I'm an extraordinary nigga /


1)I see em tryna ball, yea they trying hard/
2)I do this in my sleep, my mind still writing bars/
3)And they mad cuz they girl keep they eye in cars/
4)And now they looking at the kid and they eyeing hard/
5)So I shrug my shoulders like what you eyeing for/
6)What, you mad cause I'm large and I'm fly and all/
7)Nigga please, I shop like its a disease/
8)FedEx at my door (like) sign ya signature please/
9)Get dressed too fresh, I'm digging the jeans/
10)Hop off at 1-2-5th, girls digging my steez, steez(yea)/
11)With the brush in the back pocket/
12)I walk, by and now I'm just that topic/
13)I talk fly now she giving up her digits got it/
14)She gave it, I took it/
15)I'm amazing, I know it/
16)Something different, I look it/
17)Young lex luger, I'm on this/
18)Quest to make mad money, fresh moola Aye!/


1)They say I'm on my high horse, of course, Polo/
2)Ask me how I feel about these other rappers? So so/
3)(I have) No room in my brain for you lames, that's a no no/
4)I'm thinking about cash,(fly girls) lauren london and some moe doe/
5)So that takes up alotta time and space that's fa sho doe/
6)I'm light speed fresh, these retro niggas (going in)movin' slow mo/
7)I sport in whips that move real fast and sit low tho/
8)Jet black, only coupes, I don't ride in fo does/
9)Naaah, only if I'm being cheauffered/
10)Champagne bottles on ice my vision so blurred/
11)Light skin model, she fly her speech so slurred/
12)Take her home, she leaves in the morning, don't know her/
13)That's the life of an extraordinaire/
14)Got the stamps on the passport, my boardings clear/
15)Hop on boats and float, board in peers/
16)Nike checks on the shoes, Born to air/


1)Yea, I'm from an island, ever seen nice sands?/
2)Bikini clad women, nice legs, nice stance?/
3)80 foot yachts cruising through, Flights land/
4)VI to NY to BX, that's right man
5)With fresh kicks on my feet, I'm not telling lies/
6)They ask me how I do it, ask me to tell them why/
7)Shit I tell em bye, the republic is semper fi/
8)Invitation only, homie, continue to envy I/
9)'Cause I'm what y'all niggas wishing to be/
10)That's like Shaq thinking he's Jordan, fishing for threes/
11)Got ya girl at home MMS picturing me/
12)Like yea, this is me, no draws, slip in the sheets/
13)And you there, thinking yea my girl chillin' with me/
14)Meanwhile she's unhappy and she's thinking about, V/
15)Ha, I'm reckless with the slick talk/
16)I spit it, (I) live it, tru Tv (type) shit Boy/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Valor Milliardo



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