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My Money right, women nice, Living life, faded
Take her home, get it on, I'm (I'm) faded,
So Faded,(so faded)
I'm so faded,
So faded, so faded


1)So I'm in the spot all liquored up, moet bottles clicking up/
2)Everything is so Huston slow, I'm drinking up/
3)can't even see straight, but I don't even give a fuck/
4)Feeling like I'm sitting on a globe cause I'm living uuuup/
5)Yup, And I'm dancing I'm dancing'/
6)And she's looking right and she prancing she prancing'/
7)Now she's looking at me and she glancing she glancing'/
8)Her eyes are telling me that she thinks that I'm handsome/
9) Yea, I know, I'm fly/
10)But shit, I'm just staring at things that your wearing/
11)And now I'm at the bar, I'm drunk and I'm falling'/
12)The bills, in my pockets are gone, but I'm pouring, I'm pouring,I'm pouring'/
13)For you and for all them
14)And her, don't know her name cause she, kinda boring'/
15)And yes I'm just stunting, I'm just stunting'/
16)I'm balling until the next morning, yea yea yo


1)I was faded, when I wrote this/
2)all The champagne bottles got me open/
3)Yea, And got me doing things/
4)I usually wouldn't do to girls, but they like it though/
5)I'm In the wrong place looking for the right girl/
6)That spells disaster, no love in this night world/
7)But, I don't care right now I just party hard/
8)Bubbly in my hand, rocking like its mardis gras/
9)Head nigga in this place, call me charles in charge/
10)Thinking every girl up in this club might want the boy/
11)Am I dreaming', am I seeing right
12)Or is it the bottle that got them looking nice
13)Taking flicks with 7 days 7 nights,/
14)and 7 dias 7 noches shit its only right/
15)They gripping on me telling me things like hold me tight/
16)Cause they don't wanna leave knowing that they had a lonely night


1)So I see some lady's tonight that should be having my,/
2)Not my baby, but my heart, no lullaby's/
3)Understand that I'm not like these other guys/
4)Girls get caught up in the rapture, they love the lies/
5)I look like money So she thinks I'm celeb staytus/
6)Orisue jeans, polo button up, my heads tapered/
7)Said she'd come to where I'm going so I said I'd take her/
8)Jersey girl, far from home but she'll be fine/
9)Cause I'm tryna get my ex girl off my mind/
10)And if I say you the next girl I'm probably lying/
11)So let's indulge in this sex girl, its not a crime/
12)Cause I'm polo fresh, and you? (Uh)/
13)You model fine, I wanna dine/
14)With you tonight, until it's over/
15)Then I'm gone, I know its wrong/
16)I know it's wrong, but baby goodbye/

Good bye goodbye,
i said its good bye, good bye, goodbye


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced Valor Milliardo



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