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I just wanted
To be loved by you but life is cruel
So I'm telling you
This is farewell, this is farewell
This is farewell,
This is farewell, farewell
It's all wrong


1)I don't really know what I'm searching for/
2)Am I, searching for love or am I searching for more/
3)Or maybe, I'm subliminally searching for pure/
4)But me searching for that is like if I was searching for cure/
5)And life is such a blur, it's like an ocean playground to swim in/
6)Reminds me of when I'm doing the motion with women/
7)And I'm at that peak point where I'm holding and cringing/
8)Spinning in a world, wind, I'm folding and winded/
9)I don't regret making marks, breaking hearts
10)Ima take a piece of you to my coffin, I'm gone friend/
11)Often, I think what could've been we didn't part then/
12)I realized that she and I were never meant for long lengths/
13)Now I hang ten, just like my waves, surfing/
14)Women everywhere, its very clear, splurging/
15)It's curtains, silk undies slay em down say I'm murking/
16)Now I'm an animal, no love here lurking/ It's crazy


1)So i'll see you in my nightmares right there/
2)its quite clear my dear, nights spent I stared/
3)Over at you looking at you having some slight fears/
4)She's worried cause she loves me and I'm just not quite there/
5)And I'm worried cause she's in a hurry, causing some fights yea/
6)A rift is growing in between us, started from slight tears/
7)Starting it like yea, why don't you feel how I feel/
8)My dear, I dunno but my feelings type real/
9)So I'm sorry if I couldn't fake it, I couldn't rush it/
10)'Cause I lied about love in the past, I did it I was bluffing/
11) And I promised I would never lie to another cutie pie, and I knew/
12)If you found out I was fronting, then probably you'da cried/
13)You would've cried, and I would've sighed/
14)And said I told you so, that's the way it always goes/
15)It seems like when it comes to love I always lose/
16)And instead of oohs and ahhs, I find myself with all these boos/


1)So my wine's in the freezer and I'm feeling like I need her/
2)I just took a sip now I listen to Aretha/
3) And I'm starting to believe her/
4)Cause she said walk on by/
5)Walk on by, walk on by, just leave her/
Just leave her, so I left her, alone/
6)She packed up all her bags and she headed back home/
7)And yea, I felt kinda sad, cause now I was alone/
8)(She said) fuck me?, no fuck you,(so) I feel I wasn't wrong/
9)Now I'm chilling sipping bub, and I'm partying like crazy/
10)And all these women around me, my niggas getting wavy/
11)And I'm getting faded, so so faded/
12)Listen to me baby, Love is overrated/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Valor Milliardo



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