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Mama I'm leaving, I'm leaving/
I won't be happy till I'm on/
So I'm leaving, I'm leaving/
No matter the weather no matter the storm/
I pack my bags, throw on my polo/
Throw on my fitted, riding solo/
And I'm gone, I'm gone/
I'm gone I'm gone/
I'm leaving/


1)In the city where its no slumber/
2)And the bright lights keep it lit the whole summer/
3)Late night parties coming home with phone numbers/
4)Drunk outta my mind, my liver probably so done up/
5)But I'm young, tryna bomb the scene mo' thunder/
6)Blow up live lavish or die trying, its no other/
7)Way, I do it nothing' to it 'till its no sun up/
8)And tell the haters kill yourselves yea, throw ya guns up/
9)I been fresh since '84, wait...Nah/
10)My freshness precedes me so its maybe more/
11)I'm tryna get two mill, three, maybe four/
12)That'll put me in a lambo, wifey in the baby Porsche/
13)Cause I mean shit, ain't that what they pay me for?/
14)To splurge like I have no sense, and hit the stores?/
15)So I hit the stores, mesh polo knitted pores/
16p)Live my life out like the greats in past literature/


1)I Went from St. Thomas, free rent, roomy spaces/
2)To having my own apartment living out of suitcases/
3)Times get hard but I still smile, too gracious/
4)But most these dudes are trick coins, two faces/
5)And everything was cool a few months ago/
6)But its funny how it changed when the summer go/
7)And then the fall came, and then the winter snow/
8)Then my high came down like hours after hitting dro/
9)My uncle's life's gone, right now my life's wrong/
10)We think about tomorrow like we know that life's long/
11)So I sit here 2 am no lights on/
12)Contemplating my next move, is it right, wrong/
13)Selling drugs'll get me paid but I write songs/
14)Cause chopping yay and flipping eights isn't my life nah/
15)It's getting hard but I'm tryna keep my sights on/
16)Stepping' 10 feet ahead the competition, nikes on/


1)Uh, Sim simma got visions of the tint bimmer/
2)650i leaned I'm slim nigga/
3)Or the c6 z06 corvette/
4)So I'm tryna make more money more checks/
5)And more sex and more Lo and more fresh/
6)And less stress, I want it all man more or less/
7)Its No hope for the nice guys/
8)So I scheme to fuck every girl in the world, with some nice lies/
9)Yea, I tend to fall for the wrong girls/
10)Guess I see some good in 'em in this wrong world/
11)Maybe its the long hair, long curls/
12)Or maybe I can turn em from ducks to song birds/
13)I guess I'm wrong, word, cause I
14)Haven't been too right with it yet since I been putting it on girls/
15)Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved/
16)So I, hit it up for one night and then I'm gone,


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced Valor Milliardo



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