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I'm On it, Yup yup I'm on it/
From the sun up till I'm yawning, dusk until the dawn and/
Yup yup I'm on it, yup yup, I'm on it/
From the sun up 'till I'm yawning, dusk and till the dawn and
(I'm on it) From the time of dusk 'till dawn
From when the sun goes up 'till I yawn
And I can't stop 'till I'm on
so I'm on, I'm on it


1)What ya life like, cause mine is similar to type flight/
2)(Yup) Flying high,(on) cloud 9 like some kites right/
3)(Yup)Things are looking good the)
opposite of trife life/
(4)My plane looking like its taking off, nice, nice
5)Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why I get fly/
6)Cause you never know when ya gonna go and then die/
7)So I never ever ever tell my friends bye/
8)I'll See you when I see you homie semp-fi/
9)My environment didn't make me, I wrote my own 10)This who I choose to be, don't like it,then ignore me/
11)They like oh you make beats, think you kanye?/
12)Talking bout ya flow ill, nah, Jay?/
13)I'm like nigga nah, nigga nah, nay/
14)I make beats, and I flow sick, I need a doctor quick/
15)I make beats, and I flow sick, I need a doctor quick/
16)I'm Tryna detox the game, I'm on my doctor shit/


1) I guess good guys do lose/
2)So It's time for me to go and play by some new rules/
3)Put a barricade across my heart you can't cruise through/
4)So ima smash and switch her out like she some used shoes/
5)If I die today then they would say that ima cool dude/
6)But its way more to this life than just being a cool dude/
7)Food for thought give 'em something they could chew threw/
8)Think about it, think about it get a blues clue/
]9)The night belongs to the poets and the mad men/
10)Umbrellas over my heart so dark its so sad man/
11)Why can't I find love, I'm asking/
12)Got me feeling like The Pharcyde, they just passing/
13)But fuck it thinking of a master plan, its happening/
14)Tryna get shit cracking, cracking with this rapping thing/
15)Money over bitches, business is over everything/
16)If she not coming on this quest of riches?, more fore me/


1)Spot a fake nigga from afar, I ain't Stevie,/
2)Call me King Valor the great, I ain't BB/
3)Women hit me on my BB, they wanna see me/
4)Cool, cause I'm tryna hit a homer, world series/
5)So i plug some words in her ear briefly,/
6)Then send the same message of love to her friend Cc it/
7)Then she see it, let me get you too/
8)That's the type of shit I'm on now shit just hit the roof/
9)Call this a parody of love lets just get you loose/
10)Drink some wine start slow then I get in you/
11)Its No passion it's raw we only kicking boots
12)Ain't no love here I ain't tryna stick to you)/
13)Cause I ain't a fly on a fly swatter/
14)(Pause) Girls ain't nothing but some trouble, so Why bother/
15)Image is everything, obey your fly/
16)Its me, the connoisseur republic, and beta fly, beta/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Valor Milliardo



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