Looking At The Stars


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And I, I can't go back cause I came too far
My dreams are close yea I want it all
Life's tryna bring me down and make it hard
But I'm looking up, I'm looking at the stars
I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars
I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars
I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars
I'm looking at the stars, I'mlooking at the stars

1)I just wanna succeed, is it too much that i ask for/
2)That's the question that I tend to always ask lord/
3) then I try to skip to the future, fast forward/
4)Mind drifting, fast and furious, fast course/
5)Feeling like tiger final putt, last course
6)Either I score, or it's game over black, noir/
7)Back to being poor back to the black board/
8)So I bum rush the game like attack dogs
9)Yea, and I'm trying get a standing O,
10)Vation, they hating, can't stand the flow/
11)My verbatim's amazing, i'm an animal/
12)(call me paraplegic) Paraplegic V, cause they can't stand me though, no/
13)And I'm tryna get some Stanley's/
14)So I could have a yard large enough to hold a track meet
15)Or at least a core fan base to land me/
16)In a comfy condo shades down eyes low

1)Uh, see me, riding my bike through the clouds and/
2)Thinking about popping champagne, ron browzin'/
3)Yea, now I'm Throwing up moet bubbles/
4)Money well spent is what i think when I step stumble/
5)Can't hold my piss so in the elevator let it rumble/
6)Crash in my bed, now I'm feeling so, dead/
7)N.e.r.d. style, fly or die/
8)Trying to make something of my life make it worthwhile/
9)Yea, cause my mommas getting older/
10)And I'd be heart broken if her thoughts of me were over
11)So I gotta make this grand bitches/
12)And sew up the game like some damn stitches/
13)To the point where girls are blowing me some hand kisses/
14)I'm like damn misses, I just can't miss it/
15)My fam's depending on me so that leaves more stress/
16)Until I succeed, the open wound, the sores fresh/

1)All these old niggas in the game, I respect them/
2)But it's like old money, new money came in and left them/
3)Now look at me, I'm the freshman/
4)The game needs a fix, I'm handy man/
5)A 9 to five is how you survive ain't tryna survive
6)I'm tryna ride the wave of success 'till I die
7)With fly chicks, chains on my neck shit, fresh shit
8)Connoisseur Republic, got it etched in my chest bitch
9)Most folks i come across are like seasons/
10)I'm only used to one so its clear that I don't need them/
11)Broads, I see them when I see them/
12)She text me I never hit her back, no, its the end/
13)(Uh), My hearts too cold for love
14)Ima vulture, and she's just a dove/
15)Lost in the parallels of me being famous/
16)And me being nothing and me being something/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Valor Milliardo



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