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And this how, you do it when you on top
And it's my time, going off like alarm clocks
And this how, you do it when you on top
It's my time, it's my inauguration
And this how, you do it when you on top
And it's my time, going off like alarm clocks
And this how, you do it when you on top
And it's my time, it's my inauguration bitches

1)If this is my inauguration to the world, I'm killing shit/
2)Suicide by bullet, kill em quick/
3)Yes I'm all that, yes I'm full of it/
4)Them colon cleansing needing niggas yea they full of shit/
5)The world is mine chico hit the road/
6)And while the haters talk trash? I hit the globe/
7)They hitting hoes, the models I'm hitting those/
8)Switching clothes, polos, slim fitted oh/
9)No, I'm coast to coast, Space Ghost/
10)Store to store gimme that, yea I'll take those/
11)I'm feeling like its my time to take throne/
12) Dead presidents monopoly scene, break toast/
13)Leader of the new school, don't mind being that scape goat/
14)I could get used to, all the shine, its what I'm made for
15)Shining like diamonds, X-box, Halo
16)Speeding on a BMX huffy, no brakes, coast/

1)I got bars, I ain't talking about the chocolate shit/
2)I'm ya girls trophy, she call me her chocolate chip/
3)Get it? Brown skin, chocolate, trophy, chip?/
4)Overdose mode, always I'm on my OD shit/
5)I'm tailored to win, success is the only fit/
6)If I was an actor, winning would be my only script, right right/
7)So as you watch the credits roll,/
8)Stand, and applaud me for all I've said in flows/
9)Some might boo cause I may have stepped on toes,
10) But my future's like names on a grave, set in stone
11)The republic is the squadron I let 'em know/
12)To survive, keep your circle thin, fakes, let em go/
13)The true familia will stay, when the rest is gone/
14)Semper fi, semper fly, always faithful/
15)The good die young, the nice finish last,/
16)So I pray I live long and my future becomes the past/

1)I'm on a different clock, breakfast at lunch time/
2)Pondering, is it OJ day or is it punch time/
3)Chilling, thinking of retard flows, dumb lines/
4)Koolaid smile I'm too fly,too fly/
5)Don't compare me to nobody nigga you high?/
6)Oh He sound like so and, so nigga you lie/
7)Now if you said I sound amazing then you right/
8)I'd probably oblige, say I concur, and give you five/
9)We don't sleep until the am no sooner/
10)Champagne bottles in the cooler, who ya/
11)Used to be a school skipper, Zack Morris, Beuller/
12)Now I'm tryna see my dreams in light speed, the future/
13)Once I kick down these doors, I'm stepping in/
14)And then I take off, and its no getting him/
15)So in closing, this is my testament,/
16)To you, I will be one of the best of them, uh/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Valor Milliardo



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