My Only Way is Up


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Where do I, go from here/
My only way is up so my vision's clear/
Sky's the limit, so I have no fears/
I'll see you when i get there, yea yea/
Where do I, go from here/
My only way is up so my vision's clear/
Sky's the limit, I have no fears/
I'll see you when i get there, yea, yea/


1)I wish my grand-mama could see me now she'd be proud/
2)My pants are pulled up and my shoe strings they always tied/
3)She used to frown and when I did wrong she always sighed/
4)But look at me now your tears of joy I see em fall and fly/
5)I Still don't read my bible much but god understands/
6)Its kinda difficult out here tryna become a man/
7)But ima be ok though cause I just got this plan/
8)That's gon' take from the ground up to see (some) better lands/
9)I can't promise you I'll never change, ill never say/
10)Cause its probably really hard to deal with all the fame/
11)All the lames, all the dames, swerving in a range/
12Hot night cool bottles taking it to the brain /
13)So insane from this liquor got me thinking strange/
14)Got me thinking like what's life, but another game/
15)Everything's the same call it groundhog day/
16)But I wouldn't mind it being the same if its all play, all play/


1)I'm on a never ending quest, its all for success../
2)Money, cars, clothes, riches, man its nothing less/
3)If happiness is really getting like a hundred checks?/
4)Then a hundred checks it is, I'll take a hundred steps/
5)Am I too materialistic cause (all) the automos?/
6)I wanna speed in them listening to my hottest flows/
7)So, so High off my own supply I'm on the go/
8)Call me a grade A student how I'm on a roll/
9)So many people come and go, and I'm so used to it/
10)So its no ropes attached, I just loose the strings/
11)And I'ma always stay humble cause I'm used to shit/
12)Not having much I want it all ima do It big/
13)Do it big like big right jay and nas/
14) And ima pave my own steps while I'm payin' hom/
15) I'm the second coming of the greats say ya psalms/
16)In the middle of it all, I'm staying calm, I drop bombs, bitch/


1)I look in the eyes of defeat and I say fuck you/
2)And Ima take that to the grave with me trust too/
3)Succeeding and being on top is a must do /
4)My polo boot is on the door, I'm bout bust through/
5)Pisa, pisa, yo I'm leaning but I won't fall/
6)Cause making it is like jail, one phone call/
7)One chance ,one dance, one roll call/
8)Ima get the old man riches and then go ball/
9)And I'm about to go hard peep the scene right/
10)Where everything is black, jet magazine life/
11)Court-side, lakers games I'm so clean right/
12)Pretty lady by my side, she my queen right/
13)Island boy living the life, I'm so city now/
14)You Thought I was sadity then? well I'm sadity now/
15)Can't tell me nothing nigga fronting nigga, silly clowns/
16)Cause when i make it, I don't know you niggas, see you around, see your around niggas/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced Valor Milliardo



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