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And all these models, and all these bottles
More money more problesms
But shit if i care, I don't care
'Cause this is the life, the life
This is the life, the life
This is the life, the life
This the life, this is, the life
I'm tryna live

1)Champagne showers pink cookies red flowers/
2)That's the life, I want it, so up in my mind I paint it/
3)I ain't really famous but I do live like I made it/
4)So they love me for it, bright eyed like the morning/
5)Tryna find my Fancy yea I'm Jamie,/
6)But it's more like Martin finding these Gina's and in the end they try to play me/
7)So I'm solo surfing, my only mission? make this paper stack/
8)Money can't buy love but everything else watch me pay for that/
9)Making beats up in the cave, tryna get payed for this rap/
10)Chilling in Monaco, nice vacation, I'm there for/
11) I got yacht dreams and many things to care for/
12)Like getting head on a leer, taking off from airports/
13)If you despised me then, now you're gonna hate me/
14)Can't tell me nothing unfortunately too late, see/
15)Heart break V, apologize for the/
16) Sudden farewells, But I go where my heart takes me/

1)Young Clooney living, she cooking/
2)In my puny kitchen and we movie switching/
3)Channel flipping, chilling with some broad, I ain't tripping/
4)She talking I ain't listening, fucking and we kissing, flick watching/
5)The couple life, I only got room for one other/
6)The next night I'll switch your place out with another/
7)And we could speed hydroplane through lanes, hover/
8)Let me show you my lethal weapon Danny Glover/
9)You can't be my one an only lover/
10)My hearts kinda dark, blinds closed, shutter/
11)I'm sorry if I can't be who you want me to be nuh uh/
12)I never got that feeling the butterflies, the flutter/
13)No cloudy thoughts in my brain so free of clutter/
14)Guess I waited too long for love, sucker/
15)Now my visions kinda jaded, but, in reality/
16)I'm still searching for that one woman I can lay with/

1)She said she want the old me back/
2)But listen the old me was only gonna hold me back/
3)My hearts not in it girl, money on my mind more women/
4)I'll sacrifice everything for success and winning/
5)Diving boards, beach fronts, nice linen/
6)And knowing that my moms is
somewhere safe just chilling/
7)I'm sorry if you feel like, the way I was/
8)When we were kids ain't really real life/
9)I experienced some heart break, real plight/
10)But I'm still the same even though it seems like a handful of things have changed/
11)Life's a bitch, but I love the bitch, even though
12)She breaks my heart from time to time, she still the finest dime/
13)It's kinda like if you were sipping on the finest wine/
14)It feels good now but tomorrow you ain't kinda fine/
15)You feel me so I aspire to live like time is mine/
16)I'm Never late and I'm never early,but I'm on time/


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced by Direk



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