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It's your world, it's your world/
and I'm just visiting for a time/
so show me the sights, show me life/
Let me in and have whatever you like/
That new bag, them nice clothes/
Them nice things, you could have it all/
You bad, and I'm sold, You should know/
Girl this your song/

1)I'm a fool for fast cars, pretty girls fresh polos/
2)She in the mirror posing tryna take her best photo/
3)Jewels on, lips glossed up, scent cocoa/
4)Ready for the world (baby) girl? Then let's go though/
5)Shut it down, shut it down, miss boss/
6)Skin smooth, so smooth like Cristal/
7)Nah she my Moet lover, drink up/
8)Rose dreams, cheers, flutes clinked up/
9)Independent girl, she don't need me/
10)But she wants me and I want you/
11)Slow jams, oh you like that,/
12)Hold hands, yea a night cap/
13)Dinners on me, berry scented rooms/
14)All the candles lit can you smell the fumes/
15)H-town on deck can you tell the tune/
16)Cologne on my chest fresh, very scented dude/

1)She the type to wear Sperry's or some open toes/
2)Eat lunch in Soho or the Poconos/
3)Hot coffee in the morning or the mocha's cold/
4)Business minded, (the) type to wanna own a boat/
5)Not like the rest of em, they ain't even close/
6)They flip through and she read the post/
7)New york timing, trendsetter you define it/
8)Uptown style downtown status, You the finest/

9)She book smart, a little street too/
10)Outside nice In the bed freak too/
11)Slow down, let me teach(woo) you/
12)Go down, do me and I'll treat you
13)She cook food, so we eat lunch/
14)Pump wearer too mani's and her feet done/
15)Park bench chillin' 'til we see sun/
16)Tomorrow, view it again, rerun

Yea girl, I wanna know what you like
So, I'm gon' take(take) all this time
To get to (to) get to know you
know you you better better

Yea girl, I wanna know what you like
So, I'm gon' take(take) all this time
To get to (to) get to know you
know you you better better

1)Do you kiss and tell, cause I'll kiss you well/
2)And take a head first dive in your wishing well/
3)Scuba diving, no goggles on/
4)Boy shorts either that or you got a thong/
5)Or a birthday suit you ain't got it on/
6)Pretty girls around world Now you got a song/
7)Pretty girls around world Now you got a song/
8)This ya song, this ya song/
9)Ya feet nice, this ya song,
10)ya teeth right, this ya song
11)Ya face good, this ya song,
12)You taste good, this ya song
13)You dress good this ya song
14)You smell good, this ya song
15)You Sex good, this ya song,
16)tell em girl this ya song


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced Valor Milliardo



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