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And I don't need no hook for this shit
'Cause this is my theme song (this is my theme song)
So Ima live lavish until
I'm dead and I'm gone (dead and I'm gone)
And I don't need no hook for this shit
Cause this is my theme song (this is my theme song)
So Ima live lavish until
I'm dead and I'm gone (dead and I'm gone)


1)I got a diabolical plan to take over the world,/
2)Word, just me and my girl,/
3)Pearls, all the diamonds and them things,/
4)The lavish, life, the lights, (and the) bling/
5)I'm just tryna see what life is gon' bring/
6)You know, resorts, water sports, swim
7)B-balling on my own personal courts that type of thing
8)I'm just tryna do right (but)
9)Illegal life calls, I'm tryna get the snow beach polo/
10)And the marble tiles, sliding on the floor though/
11)And the coupes in black its all just for show though/
12)It's temporary happiness it's gone when we go though/
13)And turn to dust but its a must, that I lust/
14)To spend it all until I'm 90 and I go broke/
15)Just thinking about it got me so pitted, so stoked/
16)Smiling, its a fucking kodak moment in photos/


1)Extraordinary dreams, extraordinary green,/
2)Money, women, money, more green/
3)I talk about the same shit so it seems/
4)Well the more you talk about it, the more the vision's pristine/
5)Yea, and All I got it is a dream../
6)To spend cream and just ball like Kareem/
7)Or like Jordan, see me polo sporting'/
8))Rugby tops, in them coupes, yea I'm touring'/
9)The city streets, Ranger boots when I floor it/
10)Zoom by, the police like aww shit/
11)Nice women, light women, dark skin/
12)I love em all, fuck em all/
13)She say she want it, so I give it to her
14)Swim in her ocean for a bit then I shoot her/
15)(\Pow, pow. Yea you a troo-per/
16)She took it like a champ, shower scene loufas/ (wipe off)


1) I'm Goliath to you dudes,
2)Call me your highness the flyest to you dudes/
3)I'm too self-Righteous for you dudes/
4)\You would be lying if you said I wasn't cool/
5)So Gnarly, gnarly, the one man band man
6)Flipping beats make that heat I'm the man, man
7)Shit is sweet I'm bout money, all these grands man
8)The smell of green put me to sleep like sandman
9)Striving for perfection, that's my perception
10)I'm narrow minded, for greatness I'm destined
11)Prefer to be, lonely at the top than at the bottom
12)Cause at least the top gives you cash, and cars you can slalom
13)Broads with the bottoms, that make you say
14)Oh lord she a problem,You just wanna hit the bottle
15)Autos, and stick shifts, chilling in some lifshitz
16) Telling myself I'm rich bitch just to see these riches, (live lavish)


from Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All, released October 8, 2010
Produced Valor Milliardo



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