Solo Endeavors (SINGLE)


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From the up coming album, From Valor, With Love..#SongsAboutGirls

We’ve all dealt with breakups and the feelings that come after, such as regrets and wanting to forget. You try to do whatever you can to remove those thoughts, emotions, and ultimately that person out of your mind however you can. Even though the feeling of happiness will in the end only be fleeting after the fact (until you’ve completely gotten over that person and moved on), Going out, having unforgettable nights, and getting into a bit of good trouble usually does the trick for the time being. Solo Endeavors.


Tonight I'm free, I ain't got no girlfriend so lets be free
You and me tonight its only meant to be
Enjoy it now, tomorrow don't mention me
Don't mention me, cause I'm solo
I'm solo, draped down in polo
This liquor got me feeling like oh no
Check the clock 4am its time to go though
Thanks again had a blast but I'm solo

1)Its a celebration, cheers, yea I'm single now
2)No strings attached ain't no puppetry that can bring me down
3)Vodka shots on the pretty lady she bring me rounds
4)Where the weed at, bring me pounds
5)I'm feeling fine, these women fine
6)I'm tryna hold on to one for one night and make her mine
7)And forget my past, amnesia the past days
8)Cause you know how break ups go, and I think its time
9)And girl you so set it off, you Jada Pinkett fine
10)We can party the night away 'till you think it's time
11)'Cause I ain't got a thing else to do right now with my time
12) Rkelly You remind of my jeep, I think you mines
13)For the night my girls gone, you a must have
14)I'm, down to destroy you on my polo sheets, hulk smash
15)Sounds like a plan to me hope you thinking the same
16)We gon' live it up for one night, don't even think I'm playing

1)Yea, I'm just an island boy who flew the coup
2)Living the city life, chasing cash, booty too
3)Solo dolo, tryna snatch up all these susie q's
4)Drunk out of mind, screaming out hoody hoo
5)Don't think with your heart, cause I'm thinking with my penis now
6)Running around with all these women don't be feeling down
7)Shit, I'm feeling quite swell, feeling proud
8)Getting my numbers up, the pussy bandit
9)She say I'm a player, she kinda lying
10)If she only knew the shit I've been through with her type of fine
11)But the past is the past, I don't have that type of time
12)Love's a felony so I don't do that type of crime
13)I mean, I got some mileage on my johnson
14)But at least you know I don't have a lemon for a monster
15)Right, you can test drive, take a spin
16)But at the end a the night, back in the lot, I'm taking it in

1)And I just wanna be down for the night
2)No matter what the time and place is
3)You and me can get lost in the dark
4)Behind of all these smiling faces
5)Let's forget whatever we've been
6)through before we got here
7Please enjoy,
8)Because tomorrow I won't be out here

1)The night is young, and I'm here for the ride
2)I'll probably regret it tomorrow but, ha, so what
3)And the girl I'm with she so bad from the toe up
4)Almond colored, she make 'em all go nuts
5)But no wifing though, I'm sorry, hold up
6)You'll probably see me again when I'm famous and I blow up
7)No need to think that far though, let's focus on the moment
8)You and I taking this ride yea I know you want it


released September 16, 2011
Produced by: Valor Milliardo
Additional Chorus Synths provided by: Direk



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