Live Lavish Or Don't Live At All


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•HOOK• Damn, I Ai'nt No Ordinary nigga,/ Look around this ain't what ordinary get ya/ It aint, Extraordinary figures, (figures)/ I'm an extraordinary nigga / •VERSE 1• 1)I see em tryna ball, yea they trying hard/ 2)I do this in my sleep, my mind still writing bars/ 3)And they mad cuz they girl keep they eye in cars/ 4)And now they looking at the kid and they eyeing hard/ 5)So I shrug my shoulders like what you eyeing for/ 6)What, you mad cause I'm large and I'm fly and all/ 7)Nigga please, I shop like its a disease/ 8)FedEx at my door (like) sign ya signature please/ 9)Get dressed too fresh, I'm digging the jeans/ 10)Hop off at 1-2-5th, girls digging my steez, steez(yea)/ 11)With the brush in the back pocket/ 12)I walk, by and now I'm just that topic/ 13)I talk fly now she giving up her digits got it/ 14)She gave it, I took it/ 15)I'm amazing, I know it/ 16)Something different, I look it/ 17)Young lex luger, I'm on this/ 18)Quest to make mad money, fresh moola Aye!/ •VERSE2• 1)They say I'm on my high horse, of course, Polo/ 2)Ask me how I feel about these other rappers? So so/ 3)(I have) No room in my brain for you lames, that's a no no/ 4)I'm thinking about cash,(fly girls) lauren london and some moe doe/ 5)So that takes up alotta time and space that's fa sho doe/ 6)I'm light speed fresh, these retro niggas (going in)movin' slow mo/ 7)I sport in whips that move real fast and sit low tho/ 8)Jet black, only coupes, I don't ride in fo does/ 9)Naaah, only if I'm being cheauffered/ 10)Champagne bottles on ice my vision so blurred/ 11)Light skin model, she fly her speech so slurred/ 12)Take her home, she leaves in the morning, don't know her/ 13)That's the life of an extraordinaire/ 14)Got the stamps on the passport, my boardings clear/ 15)Hop on boats and float, board in peers/ 16)Nike checks on the shoes, Born to air/ •VERSE3• 1)Yea, I'm from an island, ever seen nice sands?/ 2)Bikini clad women, nice legs, nice stance?/ 3)80 foot yachts cruising through, Flights land/ 4)VI to NY to BX, that's right man 5)With fresh kicks on my feet, I'm not telling lies/ 6)They ask me how I do it, ask me to tell them why/ 7)Shit I tell em bye, the republic is semper fi/ 8)Invitation only, homie, continue to envy I/ 9)'Cause I'm what y'all niggas wishing to be/ 10)That's like Shaq thinking he's Jordan, fishing for threes/ 11)Got ya girl at home MMS picturing me/ 12)Like yea, this is me, no draws, slip in the sheets/ 13)And you there, thinking yea my girl chillin' with me/ 14)Meanwhile she's unhappy and she's thinking about, V/ 15)Ha, I'm reckless with the slick talk/ 16)I spit it, (I) live it, tru Tv (type) shit Boy/
•HOOK• It's your world, it's your world/ and I'm just visiting for a time/ so show me the sights, show me life/ Let me in and have whatever you like/ That new bag, them nice clothes/ Them nice things, you could have it all/ You bad, and I'm sold, You should know/ Girl this your song/ •VERSE1• 1)I'm a fool for fast cars, pretty girls fresh polos/ 2)She in the mirror posing tryna take her best photo/ 3)Jewels on, lips glossed up, scent cocoa/ 4)Ready for the world (baby) girl? Then let's go though/ 5)Shut it down, shut it down, miss boss/ 6)Skin smooth, so smooth like Cristal/ 7)Nah she my Moet lover, drink up/ 8)Rose dreams, cheers, flutes clinked up/ 9)Independent girl, she don't need me/ 10)But she wants me and I want you/ 11)Slow jams, oh you like that,/ 12)Hold hands, yea a night cap/ 13)Dinners on me, berry scented rooms/ 14)All the candles lit can you smell the fumes/ 15)H-town on deck can you tell the tune/ 16)Cologne on my chest fresh, very scented dude/ •VERSE2• 1)She the type to wear Sperry's or some open toes/ 2)Eat lunch in Soho or the Poconos/ 3)Hot coffee in the morning or the mocha's cold/ 4)Business minded, (the) type to wanna own a boat/ 5)Not like the rest of em, they ain't even close/ 6)They flip through and she read the post/ 7)New york timing, trendsetter you define it/ 8)Uptown style downtown status, You the finest/ 9)She book smart, a little street too/ 10)Outside nice In the bed freak too/ 11)Slow down, let me teach(woo) you/ 12)Go down, do me and I'll treat you 13)She cook food, so we eat lunch/ 14)Pump wearer too mani's and her feet done/ 15)Park bench chillin' 'til we see sun/ 16)Tomorrow, view it again, rerun •BRIDGE• Yea girl, I wanna know what you like So, I'm gon' take(take) all this time To get to (to) get to know you know you you better better Yea girl, I wanna know what you like So, I'm gon' take(take) all this time To get to (to) get to know you know you you better better •VERSE3• 1)Do you kiss and tell, cause I'll kiss you well/ 2)And take a head first dive in your wishing well/ 3)Scuba diving, no goggles on/ 4)Boy shorts either that or you got a thong/ 5)Or a birthday suit you ain't got it on/ 6)Pretty girls around world Now you got a song/ 7)Pretty girls around world Now you got a song/ 8)This ya song, this ya song/ 9)Ya feet nice, this ya song, 10)ya teeth right, this ya song 11)Ya face good, this ya song, 12)You taste good, this ya song 13)You dress good this ya song 14)You smell good, this ya song 15)You Sex good, this ya song, 16)tell em girl this ya song
•HOOK• I just wanted To be loved by you but life is cruel So I'm telling you This is farewell, this is farewell This is farewell, This is farewell, farewell It's all wrong •VERSE1• 1)I don't really know what I'm searching for/ 2)Am I, searching for love or am I searching for more/ 3)Or maybe, I'm subliminally searching for pure/ 4)But me searching for that is like if I was searching for cure/ 5)And life is such a blur, it's like an ocean playground to swim in/ 6)Reminds me of when I'm doing the motion with women/ 7)And I'm at that peak point where I'm holding and cringing/ 8)Spinning in a world, wind, I'm folding and winded/ 9)I don't regret making marks, breaking hearts 10)Ima take a piece of you to my coffin, I'm gone friend/ 11)Often, I think what could've been we didn't part then/ 12)I realized that she and I were never meant for long lengths/ 13)Now I hang ten, just like my waves, surfing/ 14)Women everywhere, its very clear, splurging/ 15)It's curtains, silk undies slay em down say I'm murking/ 16)Now I'm an animal, no love here lurking/ It's crazy •VERSE2• 1)So i'll see you in my nightmares right there/ 2)its quite clear my dear, nights spent I stared/ 3)Over at you looking at you having some slight fears/ 4)She's worried cause she loves me and I'm just not quite there/ 5)And I'm worried cause she's in a hurry, causing some fights yea/ 6)A rift is growing in between us, started from slight tears/ 7)Starting it like yea, why don't you feel how I feel/ 8)My dear, I dunno but my feelings type real/ 9)So I'm sorry if I couldn't fake it, I couldn't rush it/ 10)'Cause I lied about love in the past, I did it I was bluffing/ 11) And I promised I would never lie to another cutie pie, and I knew/ 12)If you found out I was fronting, then probably you'da cried/ 13)You would've cried, and I would've sighed/ 14)And said I told you so, that's the way it always goes/ 15)It seems like when it comes to love I always lose/ 16)And instead of oohs and ahhs, I find myself with all these boos/ •VERSE3• 1)So my wine's in the freezer and I'm feeling like I need her/ 2)I just took a sip now I listen to Aretha/ 3) And I'm starting to believe her/ 4)Cause she said walk on by/ 5)Walk on by, walk on by, just leave her/ Just leave her, so I left her, alone/ 6)She packed up all her bags and she headed back home/ 7)And yea, I felt kinda sad, cause now I was alone/ 8)(She said) fuck me?, no fuck you,(so) I feel I wasn't wrong/ 9)Now I'm chilling sipping bub, and I'm partying like crazy/ 10)And all these women around me, my niggas getting wavy/ 11)And I'm getting faded, so so faded/ 12)Listen to me baby, Love is overrated/
•HOOK• My Money right, women nice, Living life, faded Take her home, get it on, I'm (I'm) faded, So Faded,(so faded) I'm so faded, So faded, so faded •VERSE 1• 1)So I'm in the spot all liquored up, moet bottles clicking up/ 2)Everything is so Huston slow, I'm drinking up/ 3)can't even see straight, but I don't even give a fuck/ 4)Feeling like I'm sitting on a globe cause I'm living uuuup/ 5)Yup, And I'm dancing I'm dancing'/ 6)And she's looking right and she prancing she prancing'/ 7)Now she's looking at me and she glancing she glancing'/ 8)Her eyes are telling me that she thinks that I'm handsome/ 9) Yea, I know, I'm fly/ 10)But shit, I'm just staring at things that your wearing/ 11)And now I'm at the bar, I'm drunk and I'm falling'/ 12)The bills, in my pockets are gone, but I'm pouring, I'm pouring,I'm pouring'/ 13)For you and for all them 14)And her, don't know her name cause she, kinda boring'/ 15)And yes I'm just stunting, I'm just stunting'/ 16)I'm balling until the next morning, yea yea yo •VERSE2• 1)I was faded, when I wrote this/ 2)all The champagne bottles got me open/ 3)Yea, And got me doing things/ 4)I usually wouldn't do to girls, but they like it though/ 5)I'm In the wrong place looking for the right girl/ 6)That spells disaster, no love in this night world/ 7)But, I don't care right now I just party hard/ 8)Bubbly in my hand, rocking like its mardis gras/ 9)Head nigga in this place, call me charles in charge/ 10)Thinking every girl up in this club might want the boy/ 11)Am I dreaming', am I seeing right 12)Or is it the bottle that got them looking nice 13)Taking flicks with 7 days 7 nights,/ 14)and 7 dias 7 noches shit its only right/ 15)They gripping on me telling me things like hold me tight/ 16)Cause they don't wanna leave knowing that they had a lonely night •VERSE3• 1)So I see some lady's tonight that should be having my,/ 2)Not my baby, but my heart, no lullaby's/ 3)Understand that I'm not like these other guys/ 4)Girls get caught up in the rapture, they love the lies/ 5)I look like money So she thinks I'm celeb staytus/ 6)Orisue jeans, polo button up, my heads tapered/ 7)Said she'd come to where I'm going so I said I'd take her/ 8)Jersey girl, far from home but she'll be fine/ 9)Cause I'm tryna get my ex girl off my mind/ 10)And if I say you the next girl I'm probably lying/ 11)So let's indulge in this sex girl, its not a crime/ 12)Cause I'm polo fresh, and you? (Uh)/ 13)You model fine, I wanna dine/ 14)With you tonight, until it's over/ 15)Then I'm gone, I know its wrong/ 16)I know it's wrong, but baby goodbye/ Good bye goodbye, i said its good bye, good bye, goodbye
•HOOK• And I, I can't go back cause I came too far My dreams are close yea I want it all Life's tryna bring me down and make it hard But I'm looking up, I'm looking at the stars I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars I'm looking at the stars, (Look) looking at the stars I'm looking at the stars, I'mlooking at the stars •VERSE1• 1)I just wanna succeed, is it too much that i ask for/ 2)That's the question that I tend to always ask lord/ 3) then I try to skip to the future, fast forward/ 4)Mind drifting, fast and furious, fast course/ 5)Feeling like tiger final putt, last course 6)Either I score, or it's game over black, noir/ 7)Back to being poor back to the black board/ 8)So I bum rush the game like attack dogs 9)Yea, and I'm trying get a standing O, 10)Vation, they hating, can't stand the flow/ 11)My verbatim's amazing, i'm an animal/ 12)(call me paraplegic) Paraplegic V, cause they can't stand me though, no/ 13)And I'm tryna get some Stanley's/ 14)So I could have a yard large enough to hold a track meet 15)Or at least a core fan base to land me/ 16)In a comfy condo shades down eyes low •VERSE2• 1)Uh, see me, riding my bike through the clouds and/ 2)Thinking about popping champagne, ron browzin'/ 3)Yea, now I'm Throwing up moet bubbles/ 4)Money well spent is what i think when I step stumble/ 5)Can't hold my piss so in the elevator let it rumble/ 6)Crash in my bed, now I'm feeling so, dead/ 7)N.e.r.d. style, fly or die/ 8)Trying to make something of my life make it worthwhile/ 9)Yea, cause my mommas getting older/ 10)And I'd be heart broken if her thoughts of me were over 11)So I gotta make this grand bitches/ 12)And sew up the game like some damn stitches/ 13)To the point where girls are blowing me some hand kisses/ 14)I'm like damn misses, I just can't miss it/ 15)My fam's depending on me so that leaves more stress/ 16)Until I succeed, the open wound, the sores fresh/ •VERSE3• 1)All these old niggas in the game, I respect them/ 2)But it's like old money, new money came in and left them/ 3)Now look at me, I'm the freshman/ 4)The game needs a fix, I'm handy man/ 5)A 9 to five is how you survive ain't tryna survive 6)I'm tryna ride the wave of success 'till I die 7)With fly chicks, chains on my neck shit, fresh shit 8)Connoisseur Republic, got it etched in my chest bitch 9)Most folks i come across are like seasons/ 10)I'm only used to one so its clear that I don't need them/ 11)Broads, I see them when I see them/ 12)She text me I never hit her back, no, its the end/ 13)(Uh), My hearts too cold for love 14)Ima vulture, and she's just a dove/ 15)Lost in the parallels of me being famous/ 16)And me being nothing and me being something/
• VERSE1• 1)All these dark days all this strife,I'm just tryna live my life 2) No more cloudy days in the shade, I wanna little light/ 3)I just want things to go right so I can live that frugal life/ 4)But its going wrong so these songs help me glue my life/ 5)Help me glue my life together, can't drown in this rainy weather/ 6)I just wanna find a girl, the finest girl to make me better/ 7) I promise girl any weather, I'm just tryna make this cheddar/ 8)I just want the finer things in life, like happiness/ 9)Happiness, flashy shit, poker life, flashy chips/ 10)Poke ya wife, flashy chick, sports cars with the flashy kit,ugh/ 11)So paid, so paid, so paid that I go mad with it/ 12)Burning cash with a smiley face, no matter how much time it takes/ 13)I'ma get mine, get mine, get mine fuck what you tryna say/ 14)Out my face (out my face) no games aint got time to play/ 15)Its a time and place for everything, but waiting turns? time is slim/ 16)so Ima skip this line, ima do fine, yea ima win (I hope so)/ •HOOK• Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing like/ Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing/ •VERSE2• 1)Winter days in this maze, looking through my window pane/ 2)Painting pictures with my mind, I need more than a single frame/ 3)Each for every single pain, each for every thing I blame/ 4)I just that need that single change, to change my life, get this fame/ 5)Cause I can't be no average joe, 9-5? Neva though/ 6)The office life it can't be me, I'm sorry mama that's a no 7)Sallie mae she calling me, but I aint tryna hear her no/ 8)So I duck her callslike she's a broad or some heffer hoe)/ 9)Folding these chinos and my weekly hours getting low/ 10) I'm tryna eat sirloin, t-bone, no spaghetti though/ 11)I'm, chasing the cash, and I'm, chasing the ass 12)And life is moving quick so I'm, chasing it fast/ 13)And I'm seeing all my cash disappear and go to rent and bills/ 14)Selling my beats for the low, cause shit's is slow, but yet I still/ 15) Walk with my head up to the sky still fresh I is 16)Flag sweaters, Lo boots in tan leather, dressed to kill •HOOK• Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing like/ Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing/ • VERSE3• 1)I sit and stare at the sun, these Gotham nights are getting dim/ 2)I'm tryna make my dreams materialize keys to a twin/ 3)Turbo or a super charger, Speeding through, city stalker 4)Driving on E , reserves are kicking in, so sickening 5)Thinking of all the nights and all the flights that I'll be dipping' in 6)Ferrari dreams imagine all the cream I could be swimming in 7)Like uncle scrooge from duck-tales, paid, switching' rims/ 8)Woofers rocking listening, Valor is in the System man/ 9)(pause)This intern-ship ain't paying shit, But rubbing shoulders with the likes of/ 10)Diddy makes me wanna start to get rich quick/ 11)But my accounts are looking bloody, in the red/ 12)Negativo tryna still be regal when I hop out of bed/ 13)And put my girl to bed, and have money to spend/ 14)Yacht trips with the rich, talking like its funny we friends/ 15)Out of towner living in nyc its very clear/ 16)If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere/ •HOOK• Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing like/ Snow beach dreams, easy living/ Thoughts of getting cream got me always singing/ la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, la do da, la da de, It got me singing/
•HOOK• I got a polo on my chest, air nikes on my feet Louis bag on back, that's how i roll through the streets I got a polo on my chest, air nikes on my feet Louis bag on back, that's how i roll through the streets I'm fly, (Yea) So when you see me tell me how much i'm fly (yea) So when you see me tell me how much i'm fly (yea) So when you see me tell me how much i'm fly (yea) Polo, Nike, Louis •VERSE1• 1)So tall and lanky my Polo it should thank me/ 2)Summertime short sleeve, winter time fancy / 3)Chicks wanna bag me, so I oblige gladly/ 4)Pipe work, I lay it down, I'm the bomb, acme/ 5)Acme, acme, She say that I'm classy/ 6)She say that the way I dress just makes her wanna have me/ 7)I don't even try hard, I'm so fly I thank god/ (pose like a tripod) 8)Visa so maxed out, I just use my bank card/ 9)They had to wait for deals to cop the Louis/ 10)I'm out here no deal fresh to death, montsouris/ 11)Yup, yup, the monogram canvas/ 12)Vachetta, leather, its better, than ya average/ 13)The polo sport cookie boots gotta have it/ 14)The shoes go with the Lo or the fitted, matching'/ 15)When I hit the streets it's like lights, action/ 16)An extra shirt in the bag in-case shit happen, ya know/ •VERSE2• 1)Burgundy five's fresh out the box, the fleece match it too/ 2)Strolling like a superstar, looking like an actor too/ 3)On the contrary, I'm more so a rapper fool/ 4)(Cool like an ice pool dude I'm so natural/ 5)The Fall Royal with stripes make all the girls act a fool/ 6)(Ralph Red too, no soowoo though, nuh uh/ 7))Copping gears, copping gears women wanna stop and stare/ 8)JD Portland forces with the tumbled leather droppin' near/ 9)200, payed on em, Dunk Hi's, suede on em/ 10)Always in my retros with the jump-man J on em/ 11)Yea, yea, catch me in my cardigans/ 12)Fleeces, hoodies, sweaters, I got all a them/ 13) Knitted, wool, and gooses, I'm in all the trims/ 14)I sleep in hundred dollar pimas, just because I can/ 15)Damn, I'm the fuckin' man/ 16)If the knots can't fit in the jeans they in bag homie/ •VERSE3• 1)So I'm like, I'm like, is this the shit that I'm hearing?/ 2)My backpack cost more than everything you're wearing'/ 3)Nigga, And no I'm not mistaken/ 4)And no she ain't just faking', your chick is staring'/ 5)Yea She like how my fleece fit/ 6)She know ain't no cheap shit, so now she gon' creep with/ 7)Me, Valor Milliardo we just met 8)And, she already wanna give up the rough sex 9)Ha, Yo, yo,This is fresh polo rap 10)Uh, Oh no, the best on the map 11)Yea, Look, look, I cop em in droves/ 12)Wether I copped em online, or I copped em in stores/ 13)The Horse, big or small logo/ 14)If the emblem isn't on it, off the bat that's a no no/ 15)Shout out to all the lo heads rocking' all they lo lo/ 16)Yup I sport it, Nikelouispolo/
•HOOK• I'm On it, Yup yup I'm on it/ From the sun up till I'm yawning, dusk until the dawn and/ Yup yup I'm on it, yup yup, I'm on it/ From the sun up 'till I'm yawning, dusk and till the dawn and (I'm on it) From the time of dusk 'till dawn From when the sun goes up 'till I yawn And I can't stop 'till I'm on so I'm on, I'm on it •VERSE1• 1)What ya life like, cause mine is similar to type flight/ 2)(Yup) Flying high,(on) cloud 9 like some kites right/ 3)(Yup)Things are looking good the) opposite of trife life/ (4)My plane looking like its taking off, nice, nice 5)Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why I get fly/ 6)Cause you never know when ya gonna go and then die/ 7)So I never ever ever tell my friends bye/ 8)I'll See you when I see you homie semp-fi/ 9)My environment didn't make me, I wrote my own 10)This who I choose to be, don't like it,then ignore me/ 11)They like oh you make beats, think you kanye?/ 12)Talking bout ya flow ill, nah, Jay?/ 13)I'm like nigga nah, nigga nah, nay/ 14)I make beats, and I flow sick, I need a doctor quick/ 15)I make beats, and I flow sick, I need a doctor quick/ 16)I'm Tryna detox the game, I'm on my doctor shit/ •VERSE2• 1) I guess good guys do lose/ 2)So It's time for me to go and play by some new rules/ 3)Put a barricade across my heart you can't cruise through/ 4)So ima smash and switch her out like she some used shoes/ 5)If I die today then they would say that ima cool dude/ 6)But its way more to this life than just being a cool dude/ 7)Food for thought give 'em something they could chew threw/ 8)Think about it, think about it get a blues clue/ ]9)The night belongs to the poets and the mad men/ 10)Umbrellas over my heart so dark its so sad man/ 11)Why can't I find love, I'm asking/ 12)Got me feeling like The Pharcyde, they just passing/ 13)But fuck it thinking of a master plan, its happening/ 14)Tryna get shit cracking, cracking with this rapping thing/ 15)Money over bitches, business is over everything/ 16)If she not coming on this quest of riches?, more fore me/ •VERSE3• 1)Spot a fake nigga from afar, I ain't Stevie,/ 2)Call me King Valor the great, I ain't BB/ 3)Women hit me on my BB, they wanna see me/ 4)Cool, cause I'm tryna hit a homer, world series/ 5)So i plug some words in her ear briefly,/ 6)Then send the same message of love to her friend Cc it/ 7)Then she see it, let me get you too/ 8)That's the type of shit I'm on now shit just hit the roof/ 9)Call this a parody of love lets just get you loose/ 10)Drink some wine start slow then I get in you/ 11)Its No passion it's raw we only kicking boots 12)Ain't no love here I ain't tryna stick to you)/ 13)Cause I ain't a fly on a fly swatter/ 14)(Pause) Girls ain't nothing but some trouble, so Why bother/ 15)Image is everything, obey your fly/ 16)Its me, the connoisseur republic, and beta fly, beta/
•HOOK• And I don't need no hook for this shit 'Cause this is my theme song (this is my theme song) So Ima live lavish until I'm dead and I'm gone (dead and I'm gone) And I don't need no hook for this shit Cause this is my theme song (this is my theme song) So Ima live lavish until I'm dead and I'm gone (dead and I'm gone) •VERSE1• 1)I got a diabolical plan to take over the world,/ 2)Word, just me and my girl,/ 3)Pearls, all the diamonds and them things,/ 4)The lavish, life, the lights, (and the) bling/ 5)I'm just tryna see what life is gon' bring/ 6)You know, resorts, water sports, swim 7)B-balling on my own personal courts that type of thing 8)I'm just tryna do right (but) 9)Illegal life calls, I'm tryna get the snow beach polo/ 10)And the marble tiles, sliding on the floor though/ 11)And the coupes in black its all just for show though/ 12)It's temporary happiness it's gone when we go though/ 13)And turn to dust but its a must, that I lust/ 14)To spend it all until I'm 90 and I go broke/ 15)Just thinking about it got me so pitted, so stoked/ 16)Smiling, its a fucking kodak moment in photos/ • VERSE2• 1)Extraordinary dreams, extraordinary green,/ 2)Money, women, money, more green/ 3)I talk about the same shit so it seems/ 4)Well the more you talk about it, the more the vision's pristine/ 5)Yea, and All I got it is a dream../ 6)To spend cream and just ball like Kareem/ 7)Or like Jordan, see me polo sporting'/ 8))Rugby tops, in them coupes, yea I'm touring'/ 9)The city streets, Ranger boots when I floor it/ 10)Zoom by, the police like aww shit/ 11)Nice women, light women, dark skin/ 12)I love em all, fuck em all/ 13)She say she want it, so I give it to her 14)Swim in her ocean for a bit then I shoot her/ 15)(\Pow, pow. Yea you a troo-per/ 16)She took it like a champ, shower scene loufas/ (wipe off) •VERSE3• 1) I'm Goliath to you dudes, 2)Call me your highness the flyest to you dudes/ 3)I'm too self-Righteous for you dudes/ 4)\You would be lying if you said I wasn't cool/ 5)So Gnarly, gnarly, the one man band man 6)Flipping beats make that heat I'm the man, man 7)Shit is sweet I'm bout money, all these grands man 8)The smell of green put me to sleep like sandman 9)Striving for perfection, that's my perception 10)I'm narrow minded, for greatness I'm destined 11)Prefer to be, lonely at the top than at the bottom 12)Cause at least the top gives you cash, and cars you can slalom 13)Broads with the bottoms, that make you say 14)Oh lord she a problem,You just wanna hit the bottle 15)Autos, and stick shifts, chilling in some lifshitz 16) Telling myself I'm rich bitch just to see these riches, (live lavish)
•HOOK• Mama I'm leaving, I'm leaving/ I won't be happy till I'm on/ So I'm leaving, I'm leaving/ No matter the weather no matter the storm/ I pack my bags, throw on my polo/ Throw on my fitted, riding solo/ And I'm gone, I'm gone/ I'm gone I'm gone/ I'm leaving/ •VERSE1• 1)In the city where its no slumber/ 2)And the bright lights keep it lit the whole summer/ 3)Late night parties coming home with phone numbers/ 4)Drunk outta my mind, my liver probably so done up/ 5)But I'm young, tryna bomb the scene mo' thunder/ 6)Blow up live lavish or die trying, its no other/ 7)Way, I do it nothing' to it 'till its no sun up/ 8)And tell the haters kill yourselves yea, throw ya guns up/ 9)I been fresh since '84, wait...Nah/ 10)My freshness precedes me so its maybe more/ 11)I'm tryna get two mill, three, maybe four/ 12)That'll put me in a lambo, wifey in the baby Porsche/ 13)Cause I mean shit, ain't that what they pay me for?/ 14)To splurge like I have no sense, and hit the stores?/ 15)So I hit the stores, mesh polo knitted pores/ 16p)Live my life out like the greats in past literature/ •VERSE2• 1)I Went from St. Thomas, free rent, roomy spaces/ 2)To having my own apartment living out of suitcases/ 3)Times get hard but I still smile, too gracious/ 4)But most these dudes are trick coins, two faces/ 5)And everything was cool a few months ago/ 6)But its funny how it changed when the summer go/ 7)And then the fall came, and then the winter snow/ 8)Then my high came down like hours after hitting dro/ 9)My uncle's life's gone, right now my life's wrong/ 10)We think about tomorrow like we know that life's long/ 11)So I sit here 2 am no lights on/ 12)Contemplating my next move, is it right, wrong/ 13)Selling drugs'll get me paid but I write songs/ 14)Cause chopping yay and flipping eights isn't my life nah/ 15)It's getting hard but I'm tryna keep my sights on/ 16)Stepping' 10 feet ahead the competition, nikes on/ •VERSE3• 1)Uh, Sim simma got visions of the tint bimmer/ 2)650i leaned I'm slim nigga/ 3)Or the c6 z06 corvette/ 4)So I'm tryna make more money more checks/ 5)And more sex and more Lo and more fresh/ 6)And less stress, I want it all man more or less/ 7)Its No hope for the nice guys/ 8)So I scheme to fuck every girl in the world, with some nice lies/ 9)Yea, I tend to fall for the wrong girls/ 10)Guess I see some good in 'em in this wrong world/ 11)Maybe its the long hair, long curls/ 12)Or maybe I can turn em from ducks to song birds/ 13)I guess I'm wrong, word, cause I 14)Haven't been too right with it yet since I been putting it on girls/ 15)Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved/ 16)So I, hit it up for one night and then I'm gone,
•HOOK• In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, go go St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, go go St. Thomas •VERSE1• 1)Yea, I'm from where, where Jay-Z shot his first video/ 2)Cris popping and jet skiing with some pretty hoes/ 3)On those same island beaches, that's where you find me speechless/ 4)With a Caribbean gem chilling, as she feeds me peaches/ 5)Nah, I kid you not, I'm not being facetious/ 6)My garments are pima, the freshness go down to my sneakers/ 7)Yea, they say I'm bullshitting, they say I speak shit 8)Hoppin' off jet planes, no trains then we just/ 9)Cruise through main the street/ 10)And holla at habib cause he got what you need, that's where the chains be/ 11)And cruise at a lame speed, so all the dames see/ 12)And then then they be like oh oh oh-there he go/ 13)There he go, stunting hard, clear as day bumping bars 14)Extarordinary in the speakers nigga (I'm) something large (large)/ 15)Hercules status 16)Its only the connoisseur republic and me that really matters •VERSE2• 1)I miss them days cruising the late nights up in the shade/ 2)Windows down, grip the wheel, drive slow, wind in my face/ 3)Staring at the stars wishing hard that ima win this race/ 4)That we call life, and then ima take flight/ 5)And see another world switch scene, get a break right/ 6)Cause being marooned up on the island, it just aint right 7)Right, I was a constellation looker 8)Man, I could've sworn I saw zeus when I look up 9)Yup, I saw my future up in the air 10)(pause)But shots was firing throughout them clouds so nothings clear 11)Success seemingly seemed to be them boys, in the hood with the black lex GS 12)300, Sitting on teens, Tv's in the back rest 13)Peddling' up and down the blocks, my heart's comin out my chest 14)Chilling with the girls, watching the world unfurl on my steps 15)(pause) A lil rascal, dumb nice 16)(pause)Molding my future from young so I know its done right Writing my little raps in my notepad ***But shit, Now the only time that I see some stars, *** is when they mingling with they friends at bars ***Or Cruising by in whips looking damn near lost •VERSE3• 1)Haven't been home in it seems like forever, 2)heard the yachts are still coming in, gats are still coming out, 3)32 square miles of beef, the rats are still running mouth 4)Chase em out the hood, Chase em out the hood, run em out 5)Cause Home is where the hate is, I said that before, 6)So home is where the babes is, in bikinis half naked 7)Yea, look how she layed up on my full size 8) The same way I'm layed up between her full thighs 9)Asking me why, why I speak so proper though, 10)It do got dudes that speak real well in. St. Thomas, hoe 11)Now I'm in the city lights, living the city life 12)Where everything matches my fly, I'm feeling nice 13(Felt separated from the homies that I grew up with 14)Cause I was so different from the ones I that crewed up with 15) But St. Thomas created me, and new york made me, 16)Into the man, that I am, today, how oyu like me now huh •HOOK• In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, go go St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, St. Thomas In my life time, go do your research St. Thomas my nigga, go go St. Thomas
•HOOK• Where do I, go from here/ My only way is up so my vision's clear/ Sky's the limit, so I have no fears/ I'll see you when i get there, yea yea/ Where do I, go from here/ My only way is up so my vision's clear/ Sky's the limit, I have no fears/ I'll see you when i get there, yea, yea/ •VERSE1• 1)I wish my grand-mama could see me now she'd be proud/ 2)My pants are pulled up and my shoe strings they always tied/ 3)She used to frown and when I did wrong she always sighed/ 4)But look at me now your tears of joy I see em fall and fly/ 5)I Still don't read my bible much but god understands/ 6)Its kinda difficult out here tryna become a man/ 7)But ima be ok though cause I just got this plan/ 8)That's gon' take from the ground up to see (some) better lands/ 9)I can't promise you I'll never change, ill never say/ 10)Cause its probably really hard to deal with all the fame/ 11)All the lames, all the dames, swerving in a range/ 12Hot night cool bottles taking it to the brain / 13)So insane from this liquor got me thinking strange/ 14)Got me thinking like what's life, but another game/ 15)Everything's the same call it groundhog day/ 16)But I wouldn't mind it being the same if its all play, all play/ •VERSE2• 1)I'm on a never ending quest, its all for success../ 2)Money, cars, clothes, riches, man its nothing less/ 3)If happiness is really getting like a hundred checks?/ 4)Then a hundred checks it is, I'll take a hundred steps/ 5)Am I too materialistic cause (all) the automos?/ 6)I wanna speed in them listening to my hottest flows/ 7)So, so High off my own supply I'm on the go/ 8)Call me a grade A student how I'm on a roll/ 9)So many people come and go, and I'm so used to it/ 10)So its no ropes attached, I just loose the strings/ 11)And I'ma always stay humble cause I'm used to shit/ 12)Not having much I want it all ima do It big/ 13)Do it big like big right jay and nas/ 14) And ima pave my own steps while I'm payin' hom/ 15) I'm the second coming of the greats say ya psalms/ 16)In the middle of it all, I'm staying calm, I drop bombs, bitch/ •VERSE3• 1)I look in the eyes of defeat and I say fuck you/ 2)And Ima take that to the grave with me trust too/ 3)Succeeding and being on top is a must do / 4)My polo boot is on the door, I'm bout bust through/ 5)Pisa, pisa, yo I'm leaning but I won't fall/ 6)Cause making it is like jail, one phone call/ 7)One chance ,one dance, one roll call/ 8)Ima get the old man riches and then go ball/ 9)And I'm about to go hard peep the scene right/ 10)Where everything is black, jet magazine life/ 11)Court-side, lakers games I'm so clean right/ 12)Pretty lady by my side, she my queen right/ 13)Island boy living the life, I'm so city now/ 14)You Thought I was sadity then? well I'm sadity now/ 15)Can't tell me nothing nigga fronting nigga, silly clowns/ 16)Cause when i make it, I don't know you niggas, see you around, see your around niggas/
•HOOK• And all these models, and all these bottles More money more problesms But shit if i care, I don't care 'Cause this is the life, the life This is the life, the life This is the life, the life This the life, this is, the life I'm tryna live •VERSE 1• 1)Champagne showers pink cookies red flowers/ 2)That's the life, I want it, so up in my mind I paint it/ 3)I ain't really famous but I do live like I made it/ 4)So they love me for it, bright eyed like the morning/ 5)Tryna find my Fancy yea I'm Jamie,/ 6)But it's more like Martin finding these Gina's and in the end they try to play me/ 7)So I'm solo surfing, my only mission? make this paper stack/ 8)Money can't buy love but everything else watch me pay for that/ 9)Making beats up in the cave, tryna get payed for this rap/ 10)Chilling in Monaco, nice vacation, I'm there for/ 11) I got yacht dreams and many things to care for/ 12)Like getting head on a leer, taking off from airports/ 13)If you despised me then, now you're gonna hate me/ 14)Can't tell me nothing unfortunately too late, see/ 15)Heart break V, apologize for the/ 16) Sudden farewells, But I go where my heart takes me/ •VERSE 2• 1)Young Clooney living, she cooking/ 2)In my puny kitchen and we movie switching/ 3)Channel flipping, chilling with some broad, I ain't tripping/ 4)She talking I ain't listening, fucking and we kissing, flick watching/ 5)The couple life, I only got room for one other/ 6)The next night I'll switch your place out with another/ 7)And we could speed hydroplane through lanes, hover/ 8)Let me show you my lethal weapon Danny Glover/ 9)You can't be my one an only lover/ 10)My hearts kinda dark, blinds closed, shutter/ 11)I'm sorry if I can't be who you want me to be nuh uh/ 12)I never got that feeling the butterflies, the flutter/ 13)No cloudy thoughts in my brain so free of clutter/ 14)Guess I waited too long for love, sucker/ 15)Now my visions kinda jaded, but, in reality/ 16)I'm still searching for that one woman I can lay with/ •VERSE 3• 1)She said she want the old me back/ 2)But listen the old me was only gonna hold me back/ 3)My hearts not in it girl, money on my mind more women/ 4)I'll sacrifice everything for success and winning/ 5)Diving boards, beach fronts, nice linen/ 6)And knowing that my moms is somewhere safe just chilling/ 7)I'm sorry if you feel like, the way I was/ 8)When we were kids ain't really real life/ 9)I experienced some heart break, real plight/ 10)But I'm still the same even though it seems like a handful of things have changed/ 11)Life's a bitch, but I love the bitch, even though 12)She breaks my heart from time to time, she still the finest dime/ 13)It's kinda like if you were sipping on the finest wine/ 14)It feels good now but tomorrow you ain't kinda fine/ 15)You feel me so I aspire to live like time is mine/ 16)I'm Never late and I'm never early,but I'm on time/
•HOOK• And this how, you do it when you on top And it's my time, going off like alarm clocks And this how, you do it when you on top It's my time, it's my inauguration And this how, you do it when you on top And it's my time, going off like alarm clocks And this how, you do it when you on top And it's my time, it's my inauguration bitches •VERSE1• 1)If this is my inauguration to the world, I'm killing shit/ 2)Suicide by bullet, kill em quick/ 3)Yes I'm all that, yes I'm full of it/ 4)Them colon cleansing needing niggas yea they full of shit/ 5)The world is mine chico hit the road/ 6)And while the haters talk trash? I hit the globe/ 7)They hitting hoes, the models I'm hitting those/ 8)Switching clothes, polos, slim fitted oh/ 9)No, I'm coast to coast, Space Ghost/ 10)Store to store gimme that, yea I'll take those/ 11)I'm feeling like its my time to take throne/ 12) Dead presidents monopoly scene, break toast/ 13)Leader of the new school, don't mind being that scape goat/ 14)I could get used to, all the shine, its what I'm made for 15)Shining like diamonds, X-box, Halo 16)Speeding on a BMX huffy, no brakes, coast/ •VERSE2• 1)I got bars, I ain't talking about the chocolate shit/ 2)I'm ya girls trophy, she call me her chocolate chip/ 3)Get it? Brown skin, chocolate, trophy, chip?/ 4)Overdose mode, always I'm on my OD shit/ 5)I'm tailored to win, success is the only fit/ 6)If I was an actor, winning would be my only script, right right/ 7)So as you watch the credits roll,/ 8)Stand, and applaud me for all I've said in flows/ 9)Some might boo cause I may have stepped on toes, 10) But my future's like names on a grave, set in stone 11)The republic is the squadron I let 'em know/ 12)To survive, keep your circle thin, fakes, let em go/ 13)The true familia will stay, when the rest is gone/ 14)Semper fi, semper fly, always faithful/ 15)The good die young, the nice finish last,/ 16)So I pray I live long and my future becomes the past/ •VERSE 3• 1)I'm on a different clock, breakfast at lunch time/ 2)Pondering, is it OJ day or is it punch time/ 3)Chilling, thinking of retard flows, dumb lines/ 4)Koolaid smile I'm too fly,too fly/ 5)Don't compare me to nobody nigga you high?/ 6)Oh He sound like so and, so nigga you lie/ 7)Now if you said I sound amazing then you right/ 8)I'd probably oblige, say I concur, and give you five/ 9)We don't sleep until the am no sooner/ 10)Champagne bottles in the cooler, who ya/ 11)Used to be a school skipper, Zack Morris, Beuller/ 12)Now I'm tryna see my dreams in light speed, the future/ 13)Once I kick down these doors, I'm stepping in/ 14)And then I take off, and its no getting him/ 15)So in closing, this is my testament,/ 16)To you, I will be one of the best of them, uh/


All songs Produced by Valor Milliardo except for track 14 (The Life)
All songs recorded and engineered by Valor Milliardo


released October 8, 2010

Valor Milliardo:

Artwork by: Maurice E.

Track 14 Produced by Direk:



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